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Hi, I'm Chris. Welcome!

Chances are you have arrived here because you have dreamt of working for Emirates Airlines as cabin crew and would like to improve your chances of making your dream a reality. I would like to congratulate you on taking the extra steps in sourcing the knowledge that will aid you in achieving your dream career!


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Landing a job with Emirates is an exciting prospect. There are very few career paths that enable you to travel the world staying in 5 star accommodation in beautiful and exotic locations, all whilst getting paid for it. However, competition is fierce and only those who have the knowledge and are well prepared for the recruitment process ahead will make it. There are many factors that influence the process on the path to success. For example, how much confidence is too much at the open day? Confidence may have won you jobs in the past… but this is no ordinary job and showing too much confidence will have a negative impact on your chances.

Many people are simply lacking the guidance and knowledge of the processes recruiters are using and what they are looking for in new employees. During my Emirates cabin crew training in Dubai I was informed that during the year Emirates received over 400,000 online applications, and that only 1-2% of these applications were successful. These are daunting odds, so it is best you know how you can dramatically improve your chances at the recruitment process to enable you to join the top 1-2 % that get hired every year.

In my ebook I discuss everything from the application process, to preparing for a final interview. I discuss important topics such as grooming, speech, teamwork, presentation and give you insight into the small but important factors that can help you stand out from the crowd and impress the recruiters during your recruitment process. Click here to view the Ebook.

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

Mikaela G Mikaela G

The information within this Ebook provided me with all the knowledge I couldn't find elsewhere and gave me a greater understanding of what is expected of me. The information is straight to the point and interesting to read. Well worth your time if you're considering a career in this field.

Ben Ben

Hello Chris, Im so glad someone finally took the time to create a guide like this! I had spent days searching the web for information about how to get hired with Emirates with no success. I think your guide is great value for money and has really helped me. I have just passed my assessment day and am preparing for my final interview! Thanks, Ben

Lisa R Lisa R

Hi Chris, thank you for all your support through my application process. I had my final interview last week and think it went well. The questions they asked were exactly the same as the ones from your guide! Just waiting now for my golden call. Wish me luck! Thanks, Lisa

Steph B Steph B

I purchased your guide yesterday. I didn't realise how prepared you need to be before the Emirates open day. The tips you include in the guide are fantastic. Thank you so much for your help



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